Saepio’s Guide to Malware Prevention

It’s fascinating how many endpoint devices being protected by established AV providers fall victim to cyber-attacks.  At least Ransomware lets you know you’ve been compromised, unfortunately there’s many malware variants that sit silently and hide while propagating across the network, creating a foothold before striking.  In fact the average dwell time of a cyber breach is over 120 days!  Can you be sure there are no existing infections across your estate?

Saepio advise reviewing the health of your endpoints and gaining peace of mind with an Incident Response scan.  Over 3,000,000 clean up events are conducted every day by Malwarebytes, they’re the industry’s most trusted vendor in remediating endpoint incidents.

But wouldn’t it be better to prevent the malware in the first place rather than scan and clean?

Think back even 5 years and few security professionals would have bet on Microsoft being positioned as a leader in endpoint protection, in fact most would have laughed at the suggestion – Windows Defender – the world’s number 1.

If you’re using Windows 10, the truth is it’s a compelling solution.  The gotcha is the clever functionality that protects endpoints against the real nasties is only available in the top level licensing agreements which are expensive and therefore less common.  Regardless, the common E3 licensing option with Microsoft offers a credible version of Windows Defender – credible enough to replace traditional AV products from the likes of McAfee, Symantec, Kaspersky, Sophos, etc.

Great, so you can consolidate to Microsoft and repurpose your AV budget.  But you remain unprotected against the real nasties like modern polymorphic malware.  That’s where that AV budget can be repurposed.  Find an industry leading next gen AV that partners perfectly with Microsoft.  It’s in fact exactly this that Gartner recommend for mid-market organisations.

A solution to consider is Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection.  They are the leaders when it comes to remediating incidents and that knowledge has been developed into protecting endpoints by stopping incidents from occurring in the first place.  Their next gen AV is technically compelling, compliments Windows 10 nicely and is cost attractive.

Business Email Compromise Guide

Business Email Compromise can impact your company assets, your supply chain, your customers and your brand.  These fraudulent emails are getting more sophisticated, more regular, more targeted and more difficult to detect. Ultimately they are causing businesses of all sizes significant losses.

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Saepio’s Guide to Trusted Access

You need to ensure that only the right people and the right devices have access to your valued systems and data, this becomes even more important if your estate includes public and private cloud applications.

A user name and password are no longer sufficient to ensure integrity of access, Multi-Factor authentication is the first step on the journey, and if you can also ensure that your devices are trusted and behaving then you’re on the right path and Single Sign On solutions move the game on further still.

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Incident, Detection and Response Guide

Security monitoring is a hot topic. It’s not ‘if, it’s ‘when’ you’ll face a cyber incident. Do what you can to Prevent, but get out of the dark with security monitoring to Detect incidents and Respond accordingly. If you want to take a proactive approach to security, Saepio’s solutions team encourage you to review Rapid7’s Insight suite of solutions for Vulnerability Management, Logging, Incident Detection & Response and Automation.

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