Security is about more than technology.

Best practice policy and process direct a successful security strategy. People and products help to enforce it.


If you don’t know where you are right now, it’s almost impossible to work towards a destination. This is something Saepio see regularly.

Our customers want to improve their security posture and to reduce risk, but they’re unsure where to begin.


The human firewall is often a neglected area of security. Regardless of how much technology you introduce, a poorly trained user, who doesn’t understand the Policy or Process you’re looking to implement can be very costly.

It’s not just staff who need awareness training though, so might your board, or your executive team. Don’t forget about your overworked staff in IT, they might need help too.


Whilst Technology alone won’t solve all your problems, it’s a significant component of an effective information security ecosystem.

In a world where budgets are limited, and IT staff time often more so, it’s imperative that each organisation takes stock of their current situation, requirements, risk profile, headcount and funds prior to investing in technology.

Saepio recommend a methodical approach, don’t try to run before you can walk.

We have grouped the never-ending list of Security technologies into 3 distinct areas – Essential, Advanced & Enhanced


    Where are you today? ... Understand your Security State of the Nation

    Our security assessment will score your existing posture against best practice to highlight strengths and weakness across Policy, Product and People.

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    Where do you want to get to? ... Define your Ideal Security State

    Whether it’s certification with industry gold standards or a simple drive to improve cyber resilience, we’ll guide you.

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  • PLAN

    What are you doing to get there? ... Prioritise Security Improvements

    Once we know where you are and where you want to get to, we’ll compile a plan that maximises budget and resource to address security risk in the right order, from big to small.

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    How are you going to get there? ... Enforce Security Policy with Controls

    We’ll achieve your security goals with the correct balance of products and people. We’ll start with the essentials before moving to the advanced controls. Alongside the technology, we ensure to mature your human firewall with the right awareness training.

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    Have you got there? ... Demonstrate Risk Reduction

    With the improvement plan executed, we conduct penetration tests, gather KPIs for the cyber risk committee and organise certification with governing bodies if desired.

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Saepio’s Security Improvement Journey.

Whether you’re at the start of a security improvement drive, need direction or require specific controls, Saepio will help reach your ideal security state and importantly, maintain it ongoing.