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Automox is the cloud-native IT operations platform for modern organizations. Our endpoint management solution makes it easy to keep every endpoint automatically updated, configured, patched and secured, wherever it is in the world. We provide the foundation for a strong security framework by automating the fundamentals of security hygiene to reduce a company’s attack surface by 80 percent.

Automox keeps you continuously connected to all your endpoints, regardless of location, environment, and OS type across Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. All from a single, web-based console.

Take your time back with fast, simple endpoint management at scale. Automox’s powerful automation capabilities enable you to scale patch management and maintenance, software updates, and configuration tasks with minimal manual intervention or user disruption.

• Gain unparalleled visibility and control. With Automox, you can maintain real-time insights, proactively respond to changes, maintain compliance records, and effectively share status updates with key stakeholders.

• Fix vulnerabilities fast. Automox’s cloud-native solution shortens your window to potential threats enabling you to identify and remediate vulnerabilities fast without being bottlenecked by manual processes or sluggish hand-offs.

• Slash cost and complexity. Thanks to Automox’s zero-maintenance solution, manage your devices with no VPNs or management of complex infrastructures – all with an incredibly lightweight agent that consumes minimal system resources.


Why Automox chose us

Automox selected Saepio as a strategic UK partner due to their deep knowledge and understanding of Automox’s technology and how it is an integral component to an overall successful cybersecurity strategy. We share the same customer-first approach and the importance of continuously elevating security confidence based on trust and mutual respect. Time and time again, Saepio has demonstrated their strategic  value, not only as one of Automox’s partners, but also to our mutual customers.


Why Saepio chose Automox

Complements our technology stack and integrates with best-of-breed security solutions

• Opportunity to consolidate multiple tools into one unified cloud native console

• Offers fast, easy vulnerability remediation with Vulnerability Sync, a feature that replaces manual, soul-crushing tasks with automation

• Provides straight forward visibility and control, allowing the patching of all devices acrossMicrosoft Windows, macOS , and Linux at scale

• Elevates the standard of customer support with customer and support teams that live and breath the technology


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Kirstie Allison 

Account Manager



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