Our operational model simplifies the Security Improvement Journey.

  • If you’ve already established policies and a defined framework, we’ll ensure you’re maximising investment in the right technology and people controls to enforce them.
  • If you’ve already invested in products, we can review your security infrastructure to see where consolidation could benefit and where any gaps exist.
  • If you’re already running exercises to improve your security culture, our awareness training team can help to streamline the process to expedite the effectiveness.
  • If migrating applications, systems or data to the cloud is on your roadmap, we can help bake security in from the start.
  • And, if like many you’re evaluating your entire security posture, we can guide you through the entire process.

1.Baseline Where are you today?

The Security Assessment Download
Understand your Security State of the Nation

Our security assessment will benchmark your existing posture against best practice. Focused on Risk, Response and Recovery, it highlights strengths and weakness across Policy, Product and People, to give a true understanding of how resilient you are.

  • Cyber Assessment Framework
  • Cyber Essentials / plus
  • ISO27001
  • PCI
  • NIS
  • Supply Chain Risk

2.Target Where do you want to get to?

Define your Ideal Security State

Whether it’s complying with Cyber Insurer requirements, certification with industry gold standards or a drive to improve cyber resilience, we’ll guide you.


3.Plan What are you doing to get there?

Prioritise Security Improvements

Once we know where you are and where you want to get to, we’ll compile a plan that maximises budget and resource to address security risk in the right order, from big to small.

4.Implement How are you going to get there?

Enforce Security Policy with Controls

We’ll achieve your security goals with the correct balance of products and people. We’ll start with the essentials before moving to the advanced controls. Alongside the technology, we’ll help rightsize your security team, provide services to augment your internal function and will mature your human firewall with security awareness training.



5.Prove Have you got there?

Demonstrate Risk Reduction

With the improvement plan executed, we conduct penetration tests, gather KPIs for the cyber risk committee and organise certification with governing bodies if desired.

Continuous Security Improvement

Once you’ve reached your ideal security state, we’ll help maintain it.  As technology changes and the threat landscape evolves, we’ll help instil a secure by design culture and implement an effective information security management system.