Our Partner - Egress

Egress has one of the few truly encompassing suites of solutions to protect employees and data in email related risks. From mitigating malicious emails via their intelligent bannering, preventing intentional or accidental DLP and ensuring secure email can be sent end to end, Egress are at the forefront of developments to mitigate human level risk.

Egress augments the value found in the Microsoft 365 stack, by bringing functionality that compliments, without overlapping. Having this in a single platform, without needing to take different additional layers from multiple vendors has been a reason Egress continues to take some of the highest scoring Peer Reviews in the email space.


Why Egress chose us

When looking for tier one partners, Egress looks for organisations that align with our values in terms of excellence of customer service, technical expertise, and knowledge of cyber risk. Saepio aligns perfectly with us. Their reputation in the market and the relationships they have with their customers reflect their levels of expertise, and commitment to the highest levels of service. It is why they are trusted by their customers to navigate the complexities of IT security to deliver solutions that add genuine value! As a result, in partnership Egress and Saepio are helping organisations significantly reduce cyber risk, by implementing intelligent email security solutions that protect against both inbound and outbound threats!


Why Saepio chose Egress

Comprehensive risk mitigation for malicious emails, accidental and intentional DLP & secure email sending:

• Single platform, complimenting Microsoft 365 with best of breed functionality to address gaps in native protection offered by M365.

• Excellent customer validation and aftercare team for customers

• Straightforward deployment and excellent technical architecture


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Account Manager