How does Cloud based Data Protection reduce Total Cost of Ownership?

In 2020, almost every organisation will go through some degree of cloud transformation & adoption.  Having data, systems and processes in the cloud does not mean you need to stop thinking about how that data is backed-up, and how easy it is to restore.

Chances are, you now have a legacy on-prem estate, a cloud estate, and a bunch of SaaS applications, that all contain sensitive and mission critical data, and they all need to be backed up. You’re not alone! According to Forrester 79% of organisations use three or more data backup and recovery solutions.

How much more efficient would you be if you only needed one solution? What if you had a solution which delivers all-in-one data protection, governance and data intelligence across servers, end points, data centres and cloud workloads?

The benefits of Cloud based Data Protection:

Improve TCO  > Reduce storage costs • Zero maintenance • Lower costs by 50%

Trouble Free> 15-minute deployment • Minimal customisation • Single service stack

Efficient> Global scale • Single deduplication pool • Automatic storage tiering

Druva has an innovative cloud back-up and data protection platform which is used by many of the world largest organisations to reduce the complexity of traditional tools, increase efficiency and lower overall costs.

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