What risk does your 3rd Party Supply Chain pose?

If your house is in order, you’re safe, right? It is sadly not quite as easy as that. In a connected world, where nearly all business is done virtually, you will have 3rd parties who store your data, or have access to your network. If they get compromised, it could still be you left footing the bill.


Supply chain due diligence

Supply chain due diligence is a cornerstone of best practice information security policy.

  • 53% of organisations have experienced a data breach caused by a third party
  • Just 15% of businesses have reviewed cyber security risks posed by suppliers

Traditional reviews are paper based, and theoretical. Practical assessments take time and money, and even then, the results are only true on that day. A continuous practical assessment of suppliers gives a real-time view on the situation. Gartner believe that these “cyber security scores” will be as important as credit rating scores by 2022. A poor credit rating can lose you customers, a poor Cyber score could do the same.

Who do you work with who could cause a problem to you if they suffered a cyber-attack or data breach?

  • Who has your data?
  • Who has your customer data?
  • Who has access to your network?

What's the score?

Saepio provide a Managed Supply Chain Risk service. Upon adoption, we give our customers visibility of their own cyber score showing external facing risks and highlight areas for remediation. We provide the same for their key supply chain members. Daily alerting & monthly reporting enables a continuous view of their scores, and how they improve over time. Questionnaires are sent where relevant to obtain further evidence and document supply chain compliance.

Keeping your own score high, can help win new contracts, lower the cost of Cyber Insurance, as well as reduce the risk of being breached. Knowing your suppliers scores can aid contract negotiation and help with governance & compliance.

As Saepio provide this as a service, it’s quick to get up and running with very little resource overhead.

Please contact your Saepio account manager to learn more.


Managed Supply Chain Risk service datasheets