Incident, Detection and Response Guide

Most IT departments are proud of their wall mounted LCDs displaying their network, monitoring performance and availability and alerting to issues. Conversely, most organisations are in the dark when it comes to security visibility.

  • How do you detect breaches?
  • How do you decide how severe an incident is?
  • What level of urgency is assigned to each incident?
  • What is the response?
  • Should you report it to the authorities?

Security monitoring is a hot topic. It’s not ‘if, it’s ‘when’ you’ll face a cyber incident. Do what you can to Prevent, but get out of the dark with security monitoring to Detect incidents and Respond accordingly. If you want to take a proactive approach to security, Saepio’s solutions team encourage you to review Rapid7’s Insight suite of solutions for Vulnerability Management, Logging, Incident Detection & Response and Automation.

These solutions can be run individually, or collectively, via a powerful, easy to use cloud platform. They can even be run as a fully managed hosted SOC.

  1. InsightVM gives you live asset and vulnerability management to prioritise risk reduction.
  2. InsightOps is the operational control centre with centralised logs that give live answers to everyday IT questions.
  3. InsightIDR unifies UBA, SIEM, and EDR technology to detect security incidents and helps to prioritise remediation and response efforts.
  4. InsightConnect connects your technology stack using orchestration and automation to accelerate incident response.

Speak with Saepio so we can understand where you are and advise on the best course of action.

Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019

In April 2018 The UK Government in conjunction with Ipsos MORI, has surveyed businesses and charities to find out they approach cyber security and help them learn more about the cyber security issues faced by industry.

The overwhelming majority of businesses and charities are reliant on online services, which exposes them to cyber security risks.

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Vulnerability Management Guide

We’re often asked ‘why would a cybercriminal target our business?’. The reality is every organisation has something a threat actor can benefit from, so the more relevant question is, ‘how easy would it be for a cybercriminal to target our business?’.

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Saepio's Guide to Trusted Access

You need to ensure that only the right people and the right devices have access to your valued systems and data, this becomes even more important if your estate includes public and private cloud applications.

A user name and password are no longer sufficient to ensure integrity of access, Multi-Factor authentication is the first step on the journey, and if you can also ensure that your devices are trusted and behaving then you’re on the right path and Single Sign On solutions move the game on further still.

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