by Joe Hedegaard Ganly

Information Security Adviser

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Protecting Your Digital Assets, Brand and Reputation

An interesting side effect of the digitalisation of business has been the transition to digital media and digital platforms as part of business, marketing and branding strategy.

A company’s social media team can now be a defining part of their business identity – take a gander on Twitter and you’ll quickly see corporate pages with millions of followers, posting memes and using it as a primary way of communicating with clients. Physical advertising now shares the limelight with digital marketing, with the latter now often considered the more important way to reach people.

Trademarks and Copyright have for decades protected the legal rights of business, shielding them from impersonation, abuse and infringement on their intellectual property. That protection doesn’t always easily scale to the digital world, with the ease and agility of malicious actors being able to spin up fake websites or fake domains, even fake social media or professional networking profiles. Keeping up is not always easy, especially when you consider the heavy legal focus it requires and the time taken to discover these impersonations. 

To Saepio, considering Brand Protection is equally important in the modern day as your copyright or trademark strategy. Protecting your digital assets, brand and reputation are more important than ever and for Saepio, a key part of the cyber and information security strategy we suggest to clients. To us, there are a few key pillars to a successful brand protection strategy.

  1. Protecting the digital assets you own – email domains & websites need to be protected from impersonation. 
  2. Discover abuse that you can’t control – lookalike domains, impersonated websites & social media profiles need to be discovered and taken down
  3. Implement protocols that can help clients know what is real – use standards like BIMI to help clearly mark what is real.

Easily said, but how can you implement this sensibly? Get in touch for a steer on how to do this, aligned to the NCSC’s guidance on how to protect your brand and proactively remediate impersonations.

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