Public Cloud Security

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An increasing number of organisations are adopting Public and Hybrid Cloud to host applications and IT services, due to the reliability and scalability of these platforms.
Whilst the Public Cloud vendors secure the infrastructure to the highest global standards; the confidentiality and integrity of the data is still very much the customer’s responsibility. As part of any cloud transformation project, understanding who is responsible for what is key.

Securing Public Cloud

Securing Public Cloud

Saepio encourage our customers to adopt Public Cloud securely, incorporating configuration and security best practice from the start. Once we are confident that our customers are working from a secure baseline, we ensure the relevant security policies are correctly enforced, taking care of the customers part in the shared responsibility model.


Why Saepio for Public Cloud

Saepio have a mature approach to helping our customers use Public Cloud securely. Wherever you are considering adopting Public Cloud or are already heavily invested, we can help you along your security improvement journey.



How we secure public cloud

• Ensure secure configuration of Public Cloud environment

•  Understand and build out relevant target security framework

•  Meet security goals by improving policy, process and implementing the appropriate technology and human controls



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