Our Partner - Abnormal

Abnormal have had an immediate impact on the email security landscape since arriving in the UK market earlier in the year. Their suite of functionality gives security teams unrivalled tools to prevent, investigate and remediate malicious emails. Detecting vendor and supplier compromises, account takeovers and invoice fraud have been staples of Abnormal’s capabilities. Integrating via the M365 Graph API, deployment is straightforward and requires no MX record changes.

The power of AI with Abnormal

On top of the incredibly low false positive rate and exceptional detection that Abnormal has, their Abuse Mailbox capability creates a complete closed feedback loop for reported phishing emails. In Enterprises who may have thousands of reported phishing emails a year, the human time savings is unrivalled.


Why Abnormal chose us

When launching in EMEA our main goal was to find a partner we enjoy working with, who shares our core values. The Saepio team have always held their customer relationships in the highest regard ensuring that they keep their customer’s requirements and business goals at the forefront of all technology decisions.

This customer centric approach coupled with a deep understanding of email security means that our sales engagements are smooth, and we have happy customers at the end of it.

We look forward to a long, successful partnership with Saepio as we build the market and our solution expands.


Why Saepio chose Abnormal

• Unparalleled detection of business email compromise, vendor/supplier compromise and account takeover. 

• Vendorbase helps clients better understand their supply chain risk across email and get ahead of the curve on mitigating risks born in third parties.

• Simple integration via the M365 Graph API, requiring no MX record changes. 

• Part of Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Association program and AI Inner Circle Programs.


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