Are you prepared to deal with the Celebrity Vulnerabilities of 2022?

When will the next big one rear its head? 

What vendor will be the victim? 

How much effort will it take to mitigate? 

re-iterated an important lesson:

Expect 0-day attacks that pose a risk you can’t ignore

Vulnerability management is a foundation of cyber resilience. It’s front and centre in best practice frameworks from Cyber Essentials to ISO27001 to NIST CSF and CIS 18 CSC. 

A crystal ball to show when, what and how much effort the next 0-day will absorb would really help, but the reality is, you simply have to be prepared.  Celebrity vulnerability curveballs typically mean late nights and long weekends to mitigate or patch and they often impact the progress of strategic security projects. 

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There’s no magic solution that means you’ll never have to spend time dealing with vulnerabilities again, however there is technology and process that significantly reduces the amount of operational effort required to keep on top of vulnerabilities and remediate the big ones efficiently to keep ahead of the attackers.

Implement the right tools with sensible automation and ultimately risk is reduced faster with less time spent reactively remediating meaning more time to focus on driving your security plan forward. 

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Join Saepio’s Solution Director and experts from Rapid7 and Automox to explain why they have joined forces to streamline the vulnerability management process. 

By integrating their vulnerability discovery tools with patching and remediation capabilities, you’ll learn how automation can leave you prepared to move faster than the attackers and take operational time back, especially when the next celebrity vulnerability rears its head! 

We’ll also send a pack to your address ahead of the event and be joined by a mixologist to shake up some spring cocktails…roll on summer!  

Vulnerability Management – a foundation of cyber resilience best practice

The capabilities of vulnerability discovery paired with remediation tools

Using automation to reduce tedious manual tasks and quickly address risk

A live demonstration of Automox + Rapid7's automated workflow from vulnerability discovery to remediation

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