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There’s no ‘I’ in Cyber Defence.  Security is a team sport.

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...involves best of breed tools that integrate seamlessly, bi-directionally share threat intelligence, send all relevant data and alerts to a centralised security operations platform which automatically triggers appropriate incident response actions.  This feedback loop into the individual tools further optimises their efficacy resulting in continual security improvement.

There’s a lot of talk about ‘security technology integrations’ but what does it mean, what’s the benefit, how does it work in the real world, how does it increase security and reduce operational overhead?

A slip by any one person can be the path to a security breach, but no single person can prevent malicious activity by themselves.  It takes teamwork to ensure that corporate networks and information resources are properly and constantly secured.  There isn’t a silver bullet for cyber security, there never will be, but you can certainly build a well-integrated ecosystem of tools to optimise cyber resilience, reduce alert fatigue and minimise operational overhead.

Best of Breed Tools + Mature Integrations = Optimal Cyber Resilience

Exclusive Virtual Event 10th June

The Desire

Why wouldn’t you want ‘best of breed’ technology control, the Gartner and Forrester leaders, the optimal solutions both technically and commercially.  Many organisations have built a collection of fantastic point products with great capabilities to deal with cyber threats at various layers – endpoint, email, web, gateway, identity, data, network, etc, etc.

The Challenge

It’s rare to find a cyber professional twiddling their thumbs!  Spare security man hours are a luxury.  With a plethora of point technology controls that are facing increasingly sophisticated and targeted attacks spanning multiple vectors, it requires a notable amount of operational resource to keep tools optimised and respond to alerts.

Best of breed point solutions are strong stand alone but are even better when working together to form a cohesive security ecosystem.  Mature partnerships with API integrations between the market leading technology helps increase security and reduce operational overhead.  A team effort rather than individuals.

The Solution

Continually improved cyber incident Prevention, Detection and Response.

The Outcome

Neil Thacker

Johan Dreyer
EMEA Chief Technologist

Matt Rider
Director of Sales Engineering

In the video below, our solutions director, Robert Pooley, speaks about the exclusive upcoming event and the incredible line up of speakers who represent three best-of-breed technology providers, all of which will be joining us to discuss how as a team they can deliver More Power Together. 

Reach out to Robert or another Saepio specialist for more information on how to architect an optimally integrated set of security technology controls.

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Even Better Together 
- optimising cyber resilience with well integrated best of breed security tools

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Open bridge for networking with industry peers

Event Agenda

10th June 2021

The Virtual Event

The future state security architecture in Saepio’s view

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Even Better Together

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