Proactive Brand Protection


Criminals are seizing genuine assets to create fraudulent domains and websites at an increase of 25% on 2019.

1.4 million phishing websites are created every day to defraud genuine businesses and brands.

Protect what you own, respond to what you don’t.

The 2020 Verizon Data Breach report showed that over 90% of attacks against financial firms chose email as the vector of attack.

Cyberattack volumes surge.

The Brand Protection Event

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More than 200 of the worlds largest brands were spoofed with fake login pages, with 2,500 of those having more than one permutation.



Most organisations will have a plan in place to prevent phishing coming into their businesses. Using a mail transfer agent (MTA), refining rulesets and controls to prevent phishing and spam are common. Far fewer organisations have a plan to tackle phishing and brand abuse outside of their perimeter like fake domains and fake websites that they don’t own. 

Understand threat vectors that criminals are using to manipulate your legitimate brand and defraud your clients or supply chain.

Understand how to create a proactive program to protect your domains from spoofing and abuse through email authentication protocols.

Understand how to effectively monitor and be able to quickly respond to security incidents like fake websites or login pages quicker than a traditional takedown.

" On 1st April at 4pm, Saepio and Mimecast would like to give you a flavour of how to create a comprehensive brand protection strategy that will give you the vision to spot malicious use of your brand, allowing you to automatically take down fake sites.

During this event we’ll be taking you through 
how to protect what matters most so that 
you can defend against attacks outside 
your field of view. "

Joseph Hedegaard Ganly,
Saepio Information Security

Rather than a surface exploration of the problem, we’ll also talk through how to implement proactive monitoring and protection to solidify process and policy, plus all attendees will be entered into a draw to win an Oculus VR headset!  

Places are limited, so if you’d like to register your interest, please submit your details and one of our advisors will be in contact.  

Saepio are always on hand to offer advice and guidance when it comes to our security decisions. They are an asset for BDO and are a pleasure to work with.


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