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of IT leaders agreed that keeping track of identity and permissions across environments is a primary challenge


of business professionals can still access a previous employer’s’ systems using their old credentials.

Modern IAM tools such as OKTA, allow businesses to automate IT tasks relating to the Joiner, Mover, Leaver (JML) process.  By fully integrating with applications used across the company, HR can drive identity management and automate the provision and deprovisioning of user accounts. 

Using an IAM tool to automate this has many benefits, the headline ones being;

  • HR control employee identity and ensure the correct information/privileges for each user in the business is up to date. 

  • IT reduce the operational overhead associated with assigning and revoking individual user accounts to a growing number of applications.   

  • Security have peace of mind users are not over permissioned to applications, that authentication to systems is simple but strong (with SSO and MFA) and that leavers are revoked access to all systems, automatically.

  • Procurement can ensure applications are licensed accurately based on user need, ensuring only what is required is purchased.

The above statistics are taken from research performed by OKTA and partners

One of 2020's Biggest Challenges

Identity Access Management Tools

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Saepio are always on hand to offer advice and guidance when it comes to our security decisions. They are an asset for BDO and are a pleasure to work with. 


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Saepio have the expertise to help organisations understand the value an effective Identity Access Management solution brings to their business.  How it creates a single source of truth around user identity, improves employee experience using IT systems, increases security, reduces cyber risk and reduces IT operational overheads.   

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For many modern organisations, trusted access is one of 2020’s biggest challenges. Ensuring that the right people have the right access to the right resources (in the right context) is becoming increasingly difficult as organisations grow and move more services to the cloud. 

Compromised user credentials often serve as an entry point into an organisation’s network and its information assets.  As such, Identity access management has now become a frequent component of our customers security improvement plans to protect both internal (IAM) and customer (CIAM) systems and data.

IAM Challenges

Our Recommendation

  1. Time burden on IT – provisioning/deprovisioning accounts 
  2. Inconsistent Identity information in different directories 
  3. User experience - multiple logins, multiple passwords 
  4. Security – over privileged users

- Use consolidated, centralised IAM
- Look for coverage from ground to cloud
- Cut down the maintenance hours - IDaaS

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