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Inventory your workloads
What data do you have & where does it reside? – Data Centres, Servers, Endpoints, Public Cloud, SaaS apps 

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of organisations have experienced a loss to mission or business-critical data*


of business-critical data loss was the result of a ransomware attack*


of businesses have high confidence in their DR plan**

Why are businesses shifting to cloud data protection? 

Decide what sort of cloud you need

Hybrid cloud solution may offer the peace-of-mind of a physical backup component, but it’s likely to be the most expensive option due to on-premises hardware costs. 

Cloud-enabled products may be more clunky and difficult to manage since they weren’t designed for the cloud, but costs may be lowered by leveraging existing on-premises infrastructure. 

Cloud-native solutions can offer lower costs with the greater scalability of the cloud but may not meet everyone’s RTO/RPO requirements.
Or You may choose a blended solution, with elements of all three.

Check your requirements

  • How fast do backups need to be? 
  • How much of your data is mission critical? 
  • What are your current SLAs for recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPO and RTO)? 
  • What do you want your total cost of ownership (TCO) to look like?

Organisations are now leveraging the cloud to support business processes and relieve infrastructure headaches.  From Office 365 and Salesforce, to running servers in AWS, SaaS and IaaS have transformed workflows, significantly improving efficiencies and lowering costs.

Despite so many processes moving to the cloud, the majority of data protection solutions are still deployed locally, although this is changing rapidly with 40% of organisations* adopting cloud backup solutions. 

Why change? 

*Forrester Report - Addressing data management risks for the public cloud era






Saepio are always on hand to offer advice and guidance when it comes to our security decisions. They are an asset for BDO and are a pleasure to work with. 


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Why are businesses shifting to cloud data protection

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Figure out what it’s going to cost

If you have determined your architecture and identified one or more service providers, you probably have enough information to figure out what your new cloud data protection model is going to cost.
Many cloud services offer subscription-based models, and cloud-native services can provide pricing based on consumption.

Try cloud data protection for yourself

The only way to truly feel right about a solution is to see it in action in your own unique environment.

  • Ease of use: Was the installation simple? Is the management console intuitive? 
  • Scalability: Will it scale as my business grows? 
  • Security: What kind of admin controls exist? Is the data secure? 
  • Coverage: Does the solution cover all of my backup needs?


When it’s time to decide

Choosing to trust your enterprise data with a particular cloud-native data protection and management solution isn’t that complicated.

  • Does the product do the job you need it to do? 
  • Has the provider proven its character and corporate strength over time with sustained, growing customer relationships and partnerships with industry leaders? 
  • Can you make the numbers work? Does the solution fit into your IT financial model?

 **Gigaom Report – Emerging Approaches to Cloud-Native Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

However, not all cloud solutions are the same! There is a distinct difference between Hybrid, Cloud Enabled & Cloud Native and Saepio champions Druva’s Cloud Native approach for the following reasons:

0% Infrastructure / 100% SaaS 
= Infinite Scalability, Completely Autonomous, Globally Accessible

50% Reduction in cost & complexity**
= No hardware, no software, no skilled resource



Whether your data is fully in the cloud, fully on premise, or more likely a mixture of both, a Cloud Native backup strategy well help to make your data protection quicker, cheaper and easier.

Nick Moss 
Solutions Director 

Martin Edwards  
Director - Pre-Sales Engineering – EMEA 

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