The Future of Network Security

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Enter the Future of Network Security

More user work

Gartner’s Top Priority Project for 2020/21 = Securing your Remote Workforce

is performed off the network than on the network.

are consumed via SaaS than consumed from enterprise infrastructure.

is located outside of the enterprise data center in cloud services than inside.

More applicationsMore sensitive data



Security Policy

Applications & Data

Preventing unintentional data movement

Identify high-risk users and apps

Safely enable direct-to-internet with conditional and contextual access

Protection from cloud-enabled saas and web threats


Security risk has increased with the rapid adoption of cloud workloads and remote working.


Yes, another acronym!  In simple terms, a SASE architecture identifies users and devices, applies policy-based security, and delivers secure access to the appropriate application or data. 

The approach allows an organisation to apply secure access 

no matter where users, applications or devices are located.
In more complex terms, a SASE architecture incorporates 

NGSWG, CASB, DLP, ATP, ZTNA and FWaaS among 
other things.  

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or see the top 5 SASE use cases here...

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It's been a challenging year... So how about drawing it to a close with myself Rob, and two industry figureheads for an inspiring, SASE focused webinar along with guided festive cocktail making!

Ben King


Neil Thacker

EMEA CISO at Netskope

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Top 5                                   Use Cases

The Solution

Netskope + Okta are two cloud borne security powerhouses that facilitate a fast and effective route to a SASE future.  Being leaders in the sector, in partnership they help:

Enable your workforce to safely access cloud services from anywhere, on any device.
Give IT and Security teams visibility into all user behaviour, from login to logout.
Monitor, validate, investigate and remediate anomalous behaviour.
Protect sensitive data and user identities from internal and external threats.

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The Evolution of Network Security 
Boardroom Security Mission Statements 

What is SASE?  Top use cases 

Identity, the new perimeter 

Festive Cocktail making fun


Getting the right data to the right people

in order to embrace the benefits of cloud and remote working without introducing excess risk.

Security must evolve

shifting focus from the traditional network perimeter to security based on the identity of users, devices and the data they are requesting to access.

Identity is the new perimeter